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Key Ingredients

As per Ayurvedic texts Bhringraj nourishes hair follicles which strengthen the hair and reduce falling. Bhringaraj also delays premature greying of hair. Yashtimadu benefits hair health by calming the aggravated pitta levels. It also takes up the role of a hair tonic by nourishing hair roots and preventing hair from falling out. Til also has keshya property due to which it helps in hair health.

Instructions of Use

Dosage - 2- 2 drops in both nostrils or as directed by Physician.

Heath Problem - All problems of Hair

Administer 2- 2 drops in both nostrils or as directed by Physician. For better results place a small pillow under your neck.

About Product

This oil is prepared by the ancient traditional tel siddhi method described in Ayurvedic texts. No chemicals added. No known side effects.


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